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About Us

Hi there! My name is Erin, the owner of Olive & Brie. I have always had a passion for fresh food! Curating boards, boxes and grazing tables is such an  art, and I thoroughly strive for excellence in each one. There is something magical about food - it brings people together, and some of life's best memories are made around the table. I absolutely love what I do; and I promise to make your event - or even just a simple night in -  one to remember! 

Allison Park, PA


Email: erin@oliveandbrie.com

Instagram: @oliveandbrie_

Terms and Conditions:

-If a customer orders for an incorrect day/time as a mistake, Olive & Brie will make every attempt to accommodate the correct time if openings are available, but cannot make any guarantees.

- If an item is purchased as a gift for someone, and upon delivery the recipient is not there to receive it, Olive & Brie will leave the item at the doorstep, if possible. If it's not possible (home is a locked apartment or condo) Olive & Brie will take the item back and will set up for the customer to pick up, as we can only make one attempt to deliver. Please include recipient phone number when checking out.

-All delivery times are approximate. Typically within 2 hours of time selected. Olive and Brie will try our best to accommodate selected delivery times but may not always be able to.

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